About Us

It’s all in the name: Nothing Fancy. No fancy ingredients. No fancy wording. No fancy agenda.

I’m Colleen, a mom of three living in the Midwest, and I needed a way to make a simple, positive change. My goal is to provide a straight-forward solution to plastic waste that appeals to everyone, allowing you to make a lasting impact with reusable, natural food storage.

Our Warehouse is located at: 316 N Mauvaisterre St, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650

My husband and I are raising our kids just miles from the farms where we were raised. Although, neither of us took up the family business of farming, the spirit of making the most of what we have lives on.After our babies were born and the dust settled, I needed time to rediscover myself. I looked at areas of my life that I resisted the most. Our trash stuck out to me. Growing up in a home that composted food scraps and recycled, I knew I could be doing better. I had leaned on the crutch of not having a local recycling program for too long. After trying to start a recycling program, I learned that recycling is a last resort option for minimizing plastic waste. I discovered the real way to minimize our waste was refusing to bring it into our home and reusing as much as we could. I researched ways to cut waste before it started which led to a Facebook page where I shared this experience. This started conversations and gave me the confidence to start sharing one of my favorite sustainable alternatives: beeswax food wraps.