Nothing Fancy's Beeswax Wraps were featured on Good Morning America!

The Nothing Fancy Supply Company, known for its environmentally sustainable beeswax food wraps that was featured on Good Morning America, will be having a showcase of its products and new warehouse at 316 North Mauvaisterre Street from 9AM to 1PM on Saturday.

Owner Colleen Flinn says that its been a whirlwind for her local business when she started selling the product at the Springfield Farmer’s Market just a few years ago to now having a warehouse for her product: “It’s a really interesting time. I came across some people who had space in a building, and they knew what I was doing. They said ‘Whatever you need, let’s make it happen, and we’ll get you into Jacksonville.’ They have. I’ve just been…I think luck has really played a part into Nothing Fancy, because I’ve had so many good people enter my life.”

Flinn says the manufacture of the product has gone from causing fires on her home stove, to a small 100-year old shed in her back yard to the new warehouse.